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Just drove my buddy home after a 1.5 hour, caffeine and 1,3 Dimeth (pre work out supps, not drugs) fuelled gym sesh.  

Strange as fuck driving by my self, really enjoyed it.  

Have a ‘date’ on Saturday.  Who the fuck am I, driving and dating?!  I feel so old.   

Cranking dring the drive - Black Sabbath.  

I think my nose is weird… 
Lighting - you are one clever son of a bitch.Off to gym, expecting heavy resistance for a position on the squat rack, wish me luck.  (if you go to gym you will understand that, otherwise get your mind of the gutted.  Geez) 
I thought I looked alright today but the light from my computer makes me look like I’m on heroin.And you can’t spell heroin without hero.How am I doing?
Lexus ls200Gonna see if I can get one for under 6K  
Just booked my licence test for the 30th of November To celerbrate the occoasion here’s a very very strange picture.  
Enjoy (no homo)EDIT:  (should probably take this photo down… >_>  )Replaced with calf photo.  Too much white trunks. 
Just looked at a map of the world and realised how little I’ve seen and I’m already 21 years in my probably 80 year long life (depending on science break-throughs and unnatural death).  
I’m nearly 22 and I’ve never left my country.  Hell, I haven’t even left the east coast.  Tattoos in Thailand is the next stop without a doubt.  Even if I have to solo it like a bawss.  Scary.   
Just got back from a 1.5 hour driving lesson. The Instructor said I was amazing. He said book the test asap.I was like ‘lol, wtf is driving?’
Going out the boys (Gav and Arun, Mrak bailed :s )Trying to keep my chin up, such an emo brah these days. Above is a slightly homo picture I took for the MISC.  (no homo)