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Could you defend your eating meat? Not in any way trying to start and argument even as a vegetarian, just think it would be interesting.


I totally can’t. Eating meat is bad for your health, for the environment, and it’s cruel. The only defense I have is that it can be pretty difficult to not eat meat in American culture…that I was raised as a meat eater, and I really really like it. 

Somehow this seems worse than coming up with some BS defense of my meat-eating about how humans having evolved as omnivores (we also evolved as hunter gatherers). But this is the truth…meat is bad and I eat it because it is often the best-tasting, simplest option.

I am so disappointed in this post by a man who is SO vastly more educated than I will ever be.  

Grass fed beef is amazingly good for humans.  Omega 3 Fats, full amino acid profile etc.

Cows walking the earth are excellent for the planes and help grass to grow.

Not going to spend all day finding studies and so on but really dissapointed still : (


so bummed :’(
group hug guys